Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Honduras Update

We made our way to San Pedro, I have lots and lots of stories and news but that will have to wait until my return. Things here are safe, Dani caught a flight this morning, I should be out soon. Yesterday was unreal, it took a full day to get here (normally a fairly short trip) farmers from villages had set up roadblocks along the road. After a trying day I missed my flight but fortunately made it here.

All is good. A few places have picked up the story, my home town newspaper the Berthoud Recorder did a nice story HERE

Here is a video Dani shot while we were dodging bullets Sunday;

I dont think the reality of the things that we witnessed and experienced here is really sinking in yet. Looking forward to getting home, but its going to be hard to watch everything thats happening here from all the way back in the states. If I could I would stay with the people.

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