Tuesday, October 20, 2009

10/20 - Honduran Coup Updates

PressTV - OAS Probes Human Rights Abuses
The Organization of American States has sent a delegation to Honduras to investigate possible human rights violations after the recent military coup in the country. The delegation that arrived in Honduras would meet with top officials of interim leader Roberto Micheletti's administration and those opposing the coup. Officials from Micheletti's administration say two people have lost their lives during the demonstrations However, the Committee for Missing Prisoners in Honduras puts the number of those killed at 12, while Human Rights Defense Committee president Andres Pavon said that another 25 people were wounded during the protests.

Latin American leaders in a Saturday statement issued at the end of the two-day meeting of the Bolivarian Alternative for Latin America and the Caribbean (ALBA) urged the international community to reject the presidential election planned by the Honduran interim government next month. "No electoral process held under the coup-installed government, or the authorities that emerge from it, can be recognized by the international community," the statement said.

Bloomberg - Zelaya Backers Vow More Protests on Acting Government
Supporters of ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya vowed to step up pressure on the acting government for his restoration after burying a union leader who died from gunshot wounds sustained at a weekend protest. “We’ve lost another comrade, we feel indignant, impotent, but above all this reaffirms our struggle,” said Juan Barahona, who served as a negotiator for Zelaya in talks to end the crisis, in an interview today at a cemetery north of Tegucigalpa where union leader Jairo Sanchez was buried.

Talks to end the Honduran political crisis, triggered by the June 28 ouster of Zelaya, remain deadlocked over what government branch should decide on whether Zelaya is restored to power.

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