Friday, October 30, 2009

Reports of agreement deal are premature

Honduras Oye - What Deal? The Fat Lady has Many Sisters
Great analysis of the many problems with the current deal:
Here are some excerpts -
The Honduran military kidnapped the president and forcibly exiled him to Costa Rica. Then, it put a wall of armor between the golpistas and the people of Honduras. The military defended its coup through gross human rights abuses, including murders and disappearances and maintains a massive presence throughout the entire country four months after the coup. If the military, at any point, had laid down their guns, this coup would have fallen in three days.The agreement produced late Thursday nite, appears to have five basic components: formation of a “unity” government, recognition of the November 29 election, no amnesty, verification committee to make sure the agreement is implemented, and a truth commission.

The agreement calls for a “unity” government and one can expect Zelaya to be boxed in very tightly. The only unity in this government will be among the golpistas on how best to keep Zelaya’s hands tied.

As for recognizing the November 29 election, you could not put a bigger dagger in the heart of the people of Honduras. For all intents and purposes, this will be a golpista election. And, as was the case in Haiti, the people of Honduras will boycott it massively. In the agreement, the international community is being asked to guarantee that it will recognize the result of the election before it even takes place. Regardless of who wins in the election, the winner will carry the banner for the golpistas and the de facto regime’s power grab will be legitimized.

Al Giordano - Reports of deal are premature

Reuters reports that coup “president” Micheletti has agreed to step down:

”I have authorized my negotiating team to sign a deal that marks the beginning of the end of the country’s political situation,” Micheletti told reporters on Thursday night.

He said Zelaya could return to office after a vote in Congress that would be authorized by the country’s Supreme Court. The deal would also require both sides to recognize the result of a Nov. 29 presidential election and would transfer control of the army to the top electoral court.

If approved by Congress, Zelaya would be able to finish out his presidential term, which ends in January. It was not clear what would happen to other elements of the agreement if Congress votes against Zelaya’s restoration.

Micheletti’s claim that a Congressional vote to restore Zelaya would require Supreme Court authorization is a flat out lie, according to a source with Zelaya inside his Brazilian Embassy refuge in Tegucigalpa: “That is what the golpistas have put out, but that is NOT the accord… The Supreme Court gives its non-binding opinion to the Congress, but the key is that all of this takes time, time that the golpistas want to keep taking.”
This is likely a move by the golpistas to gain support from the international community to hold fraudulent elections. There is no way free and fair elections can take place in less than a month after over 100 days of oppression, censorship and intimidation. That is IF they even restore Zelaya to full power in a reasonable time frame. Its likely to be drawn out by the Supreme Court and Congress and pushed up right to the November elections.

El Libertador - Military requests names and phone numbers for anyone involved the resistance movement
Military chief of communications Carlos Roberto Rivera Cardona has requested all mayors submit the names and phone numbers of leaders involved in the resistance movement against the coup. While the armed forces are denying such requests, El Libertador published an actual copy:

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