Thursday, October 1, 2009

10/1 Live Blog - Honduras Resists

La Prensa - Honduran Supreme Court comes out against Micheletti's decree

The Supreme Electoral Tribunal of Honduras today asked president Roberto Micheletti to cancel the decree that suspended constitutional rights because it harms the electoral process scheduled for November... and thus joined in similar demands made by Congress, presidential candidates and other sectors...

Micheletti said... that he would agree to analyze the request and insisted that the decree will be "cancelled in the opportune moment."

However, he said that he would continue to consult on the matter with the Supreme Court and other State organisms with the goal of making a "consensus" decision.

Al Giordano has a great analysis of this news on his blog HERE

"On Sunday, Micheletti announced the authoritarian decree without having the aforementioned "consensus" of key coup players. Some seemed as surprised as the general public to find out about it. The decree already does not have any "consensus" even among the limited power players between whom the coup was negotiated and implemented. Now he is saying he needs "consensus" to remove it. What does this tell us? It reveals that Micheletti himself isn't calling the shots here. He specifically mentions the Supreme Court, and his reference to "State organisms" most likely means the Armed Forces: the two real kingpins of the coup, for whom Micheletti is a mere marionette. In typical style, he fools gullible reporters to repeat claims that he has already backed off the decree, while this morning military and police troops continued attacks on peaceful demonstrators that have maintained government agricultural offices occupied for three months now. Clearly, the real powers behind the decree - the Supreme Court and the military - want to make sure it meets its main goals before having to call it off." -Al Giordano

El Libertador - Radio Globo continues to transmit from a clandestine location inside Honduras. Transmission available HERE

El Libertador : "We overthrew Zelaya for being a progressive." -Micheletti

Protest of Silence: University students and other members of the Frente Nacional Contra el Golpe de Estado in San Pedro Sula are calling for a “silent protest” Today in response to the closing of Radio Globo and Canal 36. The event will take place at the Froilan Turcios Plaza at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Honduras (UNAH) in San Pedro Sula.

AP - Brazilian Delegates Visit Honduran Embassy
Brazilian delegate criticized Honduras' coup-installed government for attacking his country's embassy with toxic gas and said Brazil had every right to provide refuge to ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya. Congressman Ivan Valente, one of six Brazilian lawmakers who planned to visit the embassy Valente said that there was evidence the Embassy building had been subjected to "toxic gas" attacks

Christian Science Monitor - Censored Radio Globo quadruples listeners by going online
Radio Globo director David Romero says the station has over 400,000 listeners online, four times its regular following. "It is frustrating the government," he says, laughing. "They can´t stop us."

Most of the Honduran poor do not have access to the Internet and relied on Radio Globos broadcasts.

Video of protests in front of Radio Globo, military violently breaks up crowd with teargas and batons.

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