Wednesday, September 30, 2009

9/30 - Live Blog on the Honduras Resistance

BBC - Honduran Police Evict Zelaya Supporters
Honduran police on Wednesday began evicting supporters of toppled President Manuel Zelaya from government office buildings where they had holed up for three months to protest his ouster in a military coup. Riot police surrounded the National Agrarian Institute (INRA) in Tegucigalpa early on Wednesday and cleared out 57 Zelaya supporters from the two-story building, where farm workers had protested since the June military coup.

Zelaya interview with Telesur - At least 100 people have been assassinated by the Micheletti regime, said Zelaya in the interview.

Dr. Juan Almendares discuss the use of chemical attacks and LRAD by the regime:

Doctor Luther Castillo Harry the head of the Foundation "Luagu Hatuadi Waduhenu" (For the Health of our People) reports that the Micheletti regime is shutting down Garifuna hospitals and health projects.

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