Tuesday, September 29, 2009

9/29 - Live Blog - Golpe de Estado Honduras

Radio Globo back!! The station is now broadcasting over the Internet from a clandestine location in Honduras. They are calling on people to go to its seized studios on Bulevar Morazan this morning at 8 a.m.

Listen to Radio Globo Here (click listen) and at www.radioglobohonduras.com

Video of Radio Globo after military raid.

Televisa - Radio Globo reporters beat by military during raid on station

Via Adrienne Pine - El Tiempo's website down. Not terribly surprising in light of the strong anti-coup El Tiempo Staff Editorial, titled "The Real Goal of the 45-Day Curfew is to Torpedo November's Electoral Process", translated by Kristin Bricker at Narco News, and the long letter from Jaime Rosenthal, owner of El Tiempo, to the Honduran people, posted here in Spanish.

Speeches and images from yesterdays protest at the Universidad Pedagógica HERE

El Universal - Micheletti handed out another ultimatum, this time to the governments of Spain, Argentina, Venezuela and Mexico.

"In the case of those countries that unilaterally decided to break diplomatic relations with Honduras... the situation of Argentina, Spain, Mexico and Venezuela, I'll let them know that the government will not receive diplomatic agents from those countries."

NYT - Micheletti Reconsiders Restrictions On Civil Liberties:
The de facto government backed off last night from its attempt to shut down protests and limit free speech after congressional leaders warned that they would not support the measure. The revolt by Congress, the first public fracture in the coalition since the coup. In a televised news conference Monday evening hours after soldiers forcefully shut down two dissident media outlets under the new measures., Micheletti asked for “forgiveness from the Honduran people” and said he would ask the Supreme Court to lift the decree “as quickly as possible.” Leaders who confronted Mr. Micheletti on Monday appeared to be concerned that the decree went too far and would undercut the legitimacy of the election and jeopardize the reinstatement of foreign aid, which had accounted for 20 percent of the country’s budget.

Al Jazeera - Protesters, OAS meeting only about the diplomats refused entrance to Honduras on Sunday), shutdown of Radio Globo and Channel 36, etc.

El Libertador -There has been a drastic increase in mysterious deaths since the first days of the coup. According to the Committee for Human Rights in Honduras (CODEH) there have been more than 100 such deaths since the de-facto government took power. One of the principle characteristics of the executions is the peoples connection to the resistance movement.

Mel Zelaya addresses United Nations via cellphone (YouTube)

U.S. State Department Issues Statement on Honduras:
The United States views with grave concern the decree issued by the de facto regime in Honduras suspending fundamental civil and political rights. In response to strong popular opposition, the regime has indicated that it is considering rescinding the decree. We call on the de facto regime to do so immediately. The freedoms inherent in the suspended rights are inalienable and cannot be limited or restricted without seriously damaging the democratic aspirations of the Honduran people. We remind the de facto regime of its obligations under the Vienna Conventions to respect diplomatic premises and personnel, and those under their protection.

Narcosphere: Interim Government Hires Fiction Writer to Hawk Coup Regime
Micheletti junta shelling out $292,000 for D.C. flack attack. Washington, D.C.-based Chlopak, Leonard, Schechter & Associates (CLSA), claims among its founding partners Peter Schechter, who also is a published fiction writer. His first book, “Point of Entry” [not to be confused with the 1981 heavy metal album by Judas Priest of the same name] is fashioned around a plot pulled right out of low-budget B-movie script.

DemocracyNow: Internal Pressure Forces Honduran Coup Regime to Reverse Civil Liberties Crackdown, But Repression Continues

DN speaks with Andrés Conteris from inside the embassy where Zelaya is hiding and with Luther Castillo, a Honduran doctor who is in Washington to speak with US lawmakers.

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