Monday, September 21, 2009

Live Blog: Pres. Zelaya returns to Honduras

2:40pm - AP Report: Exiled Honduran president returns to capital
Zelaya returned to Honduras and is calling the resistance to gather in
front of the United Nations building in Tegucigalpa to protect the
constitutional president of Honduras.

De-facto President Roberto Micheletti denies Zelaya's presence in Teguciglpa, claims he is in Nicaragua

2:46pm - AP Report: State Department Confirms Zelaya's Presence in Honduras

3:02pm - Al Giordano/NarcoNews: TeleSur reporter Adriana Sívori is now inside the Brazilian Embassy and confirms President Zelaya's physical presence there. TeleSur is showing images of uniformed National Police members, with billy clubs, shields, helmets and guns, surrounding the zone near the Brazilian Embassy

3:40pm - Radio Globo is streaming radio from the front of the Brazilian Embassy.

4:35pm - Al Giordano:

"This is a textbook example of "dilemma actions." It puts the coup regime on the horns of a dilemma, in which it has no good options. It can leave Zelaya to put together his government again from the Brazilian embassy with the active support of so many sectors of Honduran civil society, or it can try to arrest the President, provoking a nonviolent ... Read Moreinsurrection from the people of the kind that has toppled many a regime throughout history.

Minute by minute, hour by hour, and, soon, day by day, the coup regime is losing its grip. At some point it will have to choose either to unleash a terrible violent wave of state terrorism upon the country's own people - which will provoke all out insurrection in response (guaranteed by Article 3 of the Honduran Constitution) - or Micheletti and his Simian Council can start packing their bags. Meanwhile, the people are coming down from the hills to meet their elected president. This is immediate history"

5:21pm - Interim government declares curfew

5:32pm -
Organizers of the resistance are telling people to ignore the curfew and stay in the streets, and are telling the military that only Zelaya can call a curfew and that they dont want any blood spilled tonight. The OAS just called an emergency meeting right now.

5:50om - Regime cut electricity to the entire neighborhood surrounding the Brazilian embassy.

8:17pm - Interim government extends the military curfew until 6 p.m. tomorrow evening, which means nobody goes to work on Tuesday, not even during daylight hours, and all stores will be closed.

10:40pm - Radio Globo: "The coup regime is suspending all international flights to keep the OAS and UN officials out of the country. Honduras is in a state of revolution.The barrios are igniting with the fever of rebellion. This coup will fall!"

1:05am - Radio Globo: "We are in the final offensive, in spite of the curfew there are still over 20,000 surrounding the Brazilian embassy."

"We are here peacefully, unarmed because we are the people and don't fear the military. The military must serve the people and their democratically elected president, Mel Zelaya"

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