Thursday, September 24, 2009

Live Blog: La Lucha Sigue

BBC Report The regime announce that the curfew has been lifted. Plans to organize pro-coup protest, multiple first hand accounts on Radio Globo of business leaders forcing workers to attend rally.

Honduras Oye
: "At least four persons dead, including an 8 year-old child. The President of the Union of Workers of INFOP reported shot yesterday has now died.

Between 30,000 an 60,000 demonstrators participated in the demonstration at the Pedagogical University yesterday. The repression from police was severe and dozens of people were seriously injured."

Honduras en Lucha - Multiple cases of torture of Zelaya supporters:

The first photo is of 51 year old Carlos Humberto Izaguirre who was tortured by the national police. The second photo is of Walter Javier Rodriguez, a 21 year old who was detained and tortured in two police posts in Tegucigalpa. Rodriguez was sitting on a curb near his house we he was attacked by police. "First they took me to a police post in Colonia Alemania and then to the 4th police station of Belen. In both places they locked us up in a cell and began to beat us with tubes, brooms and anything they could find and told us they were going to kill us," said Rodriguez.


Video from protests in front of the Brazilian embassy. At 5:30am the military showed up to break up the peaceful protest, using live rounds and teargas.

12:56 pm - Radio Globo: Reports from inside Brazilian embassy, military is not letting food or water into the embassy.

AP Report: U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has suspended technical assistance to Honduras' electoral court, saying presidential elections scheduled for November will not be credible. The total U.N. assistance pledge was $1.3 million.

Venezuelan President to address United Nations General Assembly:
Stream in English at 3:00pm ET below:

in Spanish HERE

Tiempo - Local Honduran paper, Tiempo, reports that police killed 18 year old Elvis Jacobo Euceda Perdomo for yelling "golpistas" at the police. Perdomo was on his way to a soccer field when he shouted at the passing patrol truck. An officer got out of the truck and began shooting at Perdomo while he was riding his bike away from the officers. Pedromo was shot in the head and back.

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