Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Live Blog: Coup Attacks Resistance

5:19pm - Radio Globo: Over 300 people arrested in Tegucigalpa-police firing live rounds and tear gas into crowds of protesters refusing to comply with curfew. Canal 36 shut down by military. 22 wounded currently being treated in Hospital Escuela.

6:02pm - AP Report: The United States pledged to do whatever it can to help Brazil's embassy in Honduras, which was surrounded by soldiers and had its lights, water and phone lines cut off after deposed President Manuel Zelaya took refuge there.

6:19pm - The de-facto regime just cut into Radio Globo's broadcast denouncing the Brazilian government for allowing Zelaya to stay there. They are demanding that Brazil turns Zelaya over to the military or take him out of the country.

Telesur reports two killed by military forces, many injured and even more detained. Embassy of Brazil still without electricity/water/phones:

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