Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Live Blog - Resistance vs. Oppression

Viva la resistencia popular! Long live the popular resistance!

Video of neighborhoods in Tegucigalpa resisting the illegal curfews set by the coup regime:

10:04 am - Radio Globo's homepage is down, google RadioGloboHonduras and use the cached version of the site to access their broadcasts

-Tegucigalpa neighborhoods are defying the curfew and protesting against the coup

-People have come en masse chasing the police out neighborhoods, and have erected barricades to keep them out.

"They are now organizing to maintain those barricades. Tegucigalpa is beginning to look like the city of Oaxaca, Mexico in 2006." -Al Giordano

10:21 am - Curfew was just lifted for the afternoon, but the assembly of more than 20 people is prohibited. Reports are saying the resistance is preparing a march on Tegucigalpa.

10:56 am - Reuters: At U.N., Brazil's Lula demands Zelaya reinstatement

Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, the first world leader to address the U.N. General Assembly, called on Wednesday for ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya to be reinstated.

"The international community demands that Mr. Zelaya immediately return to the presidency of his country and must be alert to ensure the inviolability of Brazil's diplomatic mission in the capital of Honduras," Lula said, drawing applause from the hall.

11:47 am - Bloomberg: "Honduras’s ousted President Manuel Zelaya said the government of acting President Roberto Micheletti planned to storm Brazil’s Embassy in Tegucigalpa, kill him and call the death a suicide."

1:34 pm – Momento 24: Pro-Zelaya demonstrator died from bullet wounds.

2:17 pm - The military just interrupted Radio Globo's transmission. The transmission declared: "....under Article 293 of the Constitution the National Police must maintain the national security. The police has orders to maintain security. People who are breaking the curfew, who take children to illegal protests are responsible for the security of their own children and the police are not responsible for anything that may happen to them. Police will use all necessary force to maintain peace..."

3:00 pm - The Telegraph is reporting that a 65-year-old man, a Zelaya supporter, was killed in the poor Flor del Campo district of the capital on Tuesday night.

3:10 pm - Radio Globo is interrupted again by a de-facto government, the Minister of Industry and Commerce made an announcement declaring that Micheletti has full support from the business leaders and that the de-facto regime has opened all borders to allow the transit of goods, and that Honduras has reserves of gas and food and for the people to stay calm.

3:43 - People are being illegally detained in the Chochi Sosa baseball stadium.

3:47 pm - President of the Instituto Nacional de Formación Profesional (INFOP) gravely wounded by a gunshot from the military while organizing workers in Col. Quezada

3:56 pm - Can't access Radio Globo any longer. If anyone knows any way to stream it let me know. I was running the stream live through a backdoor on their site after the homepage went down, but that isn't working any longer.

***Honduran newspaper El Libertador is reporting 10 people have been killed by military/police forces, 25 have been wounded with gunshots, 20 people are suffering stabbings wounds inflicted by the military, and 3 people are reported to have been tortured, one of whom showed El Libertador over 100 cigarette burn marks on his arm, and the other two had multiple broken bones.***

(Image from Paul Carbajal at Adrienne Pine’s of captives from yesterday’s arrests)

4:15pm - New link to stream Radio Globo!
Free TV : Ustream

4:33 pm - 4 buses filled with Zelaya supporters have been detained in La Ceiba

4:59 pm - Police are dispersing protesters in the Central Park of Tegucigalpa with teargas

5:11 pm - President Zelaya speaks with Radio Globo. He says the interim-government refuses to meet with him. The police have become a destructive force in Honduras, pawns of the oligarchy. There is extreme repression against the Honduran people. As the legitimate dignitary of Honduras, he asks for the U.N. to take the necessary actions.

Zelaya says he is working with various sectors in Honduras to reclaim his presidency. He denounces the military and coup, saying "the people must rule in Honduras, not rifles." He added, "the people are manifesting peacefully in the street and they are being murdered."

"The people live for democracy... everything we have lost during this (the coup) can be recovered. Tomorrow we will keep struggling for democracy, and we will continue struggling. My life is dedicated solely to the Honduran people." - Zelaya

5:24 pm - Michelleti on CNN, claiming that everything he is doing is constitutional. When asked how he responds to the fact that the international community almost completely supports Zelaya, he says he has God and the Honduran constitution on his side.

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